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Live to Be – March 13, 2017

Drug and alcohol addiction has presented itself as being a growing and very concerning problem in this country, one of which needs to be addressed and worked on sooner rather than later.  Drug and alcohol addiction has caused all kinds of problems in this country, some of which have been resolved, most of which have not. Plus, when a problem gets resolved it would seem like two others rise up to take its place.

Thankfully though, people are making concerted efforts at doing something about addiction in this country.  The fact that the Live to Be program partnered up with country music singer, songwriter, and guitarist Jared Blake is a great example of a team that is doing all that they can within their power to effectively address and handle substance abuse once and for all and for good.

Live to Be and Jared Blake travel the United States, playing live music for students in schools all across the United States of America.  This group is very dedicated to spreading the word and to really helping people, and the group makes a real effort to do something about substance abuse.  Jared Blake will perform his own music live, and then he will talk with the students about drug and alcohol addiction and all that goes into those problems and issues.

Jared does this a little differently than most do though.  Rather than telling students that they shouldn’t abuse drugs and alcohol, Jared takes it a step further and seeks to provide kids with a reason as to why they should say no to drugs and alcohol.  He talks to kids a lot about their need to create goals for their future and their need to start working towards those goals.  Jared and Live to Be share the belief that if kids have goals that they are working towards then they are a lot less likely to spend time experimenting with drugs and alcohol.  Just in case students feel peer pressured to do so still though, Jared and Live to Be work to offer simple and effective resources for addressing and handling peer pressure.

Brevard County Adult

Jared doesn’t just work with and help the kids at the schools he goes to.  He helps the adults and the parents too!  At Jared Blake’s and Live to Be’s trip through Florida, they did a special “Brevard County Adult LTB & SAFE Meet and Greet Mar. 13 2017.” At this meet and greet, adults and parents connected to the local school systems were able to meet with Jared Blake and the Live to Be team to start working on ways to prevent drugs and alcohol from making an appearance in their school system and on ways to get kids motivated about their futures after school.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Brevard County

Jared Blake’s time spent in Brevard County was certainly time well spent.  The drug and alcohol addiction problem in this area is perhaps the worst of all counties in the state of Florida.  The biggest drug problems in this area generally either have to do with heroin, meth, or pills, and sometimes cocaine.  This area of the state of Florida has been experiencing steady and essentially unstoppable growth in the form of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, and little to no progress has been made in efforts to do something about this growing problem.

However, Jared Blake, Live to Be, and their sponsor organization S.A.F.E. (Stopping Addiction with Family Education) are absolutely dedicated to stopping addiction in this area and into ridding this area of drug and alcohol addiction once and for all and for good.


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