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Brindlee Mountain Middle School in Guntersville, AL

Live to Be and Jared Blake at Brindlee Mountain Middle School – March 28 2017

Drug and alcohol addiction has become the number one problem for children, teens, and young adults in the South.  Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction has been spreading across the nation and has been making waves wherever it goes, but the southern states have probably been hit the hardest by these problems and issues.  Substance abuse, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and even addiction amongst teens, adolescents, and young adults is now a very real and very concerning problem that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later, lest the problem become a very serious issue to say the least.

This is where Live to Be and Jared Blake come in.  Live to Be is a nonprofit organization that seeks to get their message into as many American schools as possible.  They work with country western music singer, songwriter, and guitarist Jared Blake to deliver their message.  Live To Be and Jared Blake tour the United States and visit dozens of schools and get their message to about ten thousand school kids every year.

Jared Blake and Live to Be have a very unique message to deliver.  Their whole message is that they are not there to tell kids not to abuse drugs or to drink alcohol. Rather, they want to get kids to start thinking with their futures, and to dig down deep and really make a decision for themselves as to what they want to do with their lives.  The whole focus of these discussions and the live performance that they perform is to get kids motivated about setting goals for their future carries.

What Jared and Live to Be have found is that kids are a lot less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol when they are actively working towards a future goal. Also, if kids struggle with peer pressure, fear, anxiety, stress, depression, grief, loss, confusion, doubt, and all of the other emotions that kids can struggle with that can turn to drug and alcohol abuse, then Live to Be can help with those emotions too.

Brindlee Mountain Middle School

Live to Be and Jared visited the Brindlee Mountain Middle School, in Guntersville, Alabama, on March 28th, 2017.  The Brindlee Mountain Middle School rates as a good school in Alabama, delivering quality education to those who go there.  The main focus of the Brindlee Mountain Middle School is to get kids totally prepared and ready for the future.  The whole idea here is to get kids started on finding a good future that is totally free of drug and alcohol abuse.  The school has a no tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Guntersville, Alabama

Sadly, drug and alcohol addiction is on the rise in Guntersville.  While drugs and alcohol might not actually make it into the Brindlee Mountain Middle School, that doesn’t mean that the substances are not readily available outside of the school.  Drug and alcohol abuse has been a steadily growing problem all across the South, and the Guntersville, Alabama area is no exception.

In Guntersville, the biggest problems tend to be with cocaine, crack, and alcohol.  These are the most common substances by far, and they tend to create the most damage and harm for those who live here.  This is why the efforts of Live to Be and Jared Blake are so important, not only for the Brindlee Mountain Middle School but for the entire community too.  With their efforts, students are definitely less likely to go down a path that includes drug and alcohol abuse.

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