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Melbourne, FL | Live To Be at Central Middle School

Central Middle School — LTB & SAFE

Mar. 13 2017 – Mar. 14 2017

Live to Be

Drug and alcohol addiction is truly a harsh issue, yet education remains as being one of the single best ways to tackle it. With the right educational approach, people are able to do their best at addressing addiction and getting a handle on it and really taking it down a notch once and for all and for good.

Live to Be is a nonprofit organization that seeks to spread an anti-drug and anti-alcohol message to school age kids and young adults from elementary school age to college age young adults.  Live to Be works directly with country western music singer, songwriter, and guitarist Jared Blake. Jared Blake and Live to Be travel and tour the country, performing and giving speeches and hosting Q and As about drug and alcohol addiction all across the United States.

The way Live to Be and Jared go about addressing addiction in this country is quite workable to say the least.  The efforts that are taken on here are to essentially show substance abusers that there are ways, methods, and means for staying away from drug and alcohol addiction effectively.  Jared gives talks and discussions about how it is not his intention to tell teens how to live, rather he wants to show kids their potential and to get them thinking about their futures and everything out there for them. The mission of Live to Be is to get kids building and making goals for their future, and to get them thinking with their futures more intently.

Central Middle School: West Melbourne, FL

Central Middle School in West Melbourne was one of the schools that got to have Jared Blake and Live to Be come to their school and perform live music for them.  Central Middle School West Melbourne is a diligent, hardworking school that delivers good educational standards and an overall, pleasing environment for those who go there. For people who attend Central Middle School West Melbourne, there are no real complaints, and parents are generally speaking happy with Central Middle School West Melbourne.

The mission of Central Middle School West Melbourne is to, and we quote: “Central Middle School will provide a quality education in a culture of dedication, collaboration, and learning to help prepare our students to be college and career ready upon graduation from high school.”

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in West Melbourne FL

It is good that Jared and Live to Be were able to make it over to Central Middle School West Melbourne to perform and to have their talks with the students about drug and alcohol addiction and abuse.  The drug issue at the school itself at Central Middle School West Melbourne is not bad, but the same cannot be said for the Melbourne, Florida area in general.  As is the case with many Floridian cities, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is sadly on the rise, and unfortunately this is a problem that just seems to be getting worse and worse as the years have gone by.

Opiates, alcohol, and crack cocaine are the three top substances of choice in Melbourne.  Thankfully, Jared and Live to Be were able to get into the Central Middle School West Melbourne and raise awareness of the problem, so now the students there are better protected from the drug problem just outside their doorstep, and hopefully these students will spread the word and gradually the drug problem in Melbourne will begin to dissipate.


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