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Independence High

Independence High — LTB & SAFE – Mar. 30 2017

There is no doubt at this point that drug and alcohol addiction are all serious problems and crisis issues that just seem to get worse and worse in this country and which show no sign of getting any better any time soon. Sadly, drug and alcohol addiction just seems to be a problem and a crisis factor that grows and worsens and extends upwards and outwards and gets steadily more concerning as the years go by.

In southern states, this could not be more severe than it is now. The sad truth of the matter is that drug and alcohol addiction just seem to be getting worse and worse in this country and the substance abuse issues that are currently faced in this nation are such that major action now needs to be taken to actually, effectively do something about these problems.

The efforts of Live to Be, Jared Blake, and SAFE Prevention are all good examples of groups that are trying to get things done and are trying to do something about the rising tide of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in this country.  Though substance abuse is a harsh crisis indeed, it really does not have to be. In fact, major action needs to be taken and, if it is, then addiction can be brought down a notch effectively.

Jared Blake, country western musician, singer, songwriter, and guitarist in 2015 embarked on a mission to get a message of anti-drug and alcohol abuse into American schools.  The goal and the intention here was to get positivity and a thrill for abstinence and the future into the minds of school children.  Since starting the Live to Be project, Jared Blake has been able to travel to dozens of schools every year and to speak to about ten-thousand individuals every year.

Now, Jared Blake’s organization Live to Be has the full sponsorship and support of SAFE Prevention, an organization that is totally dedicated to addressing drug and alcohol addiction in this country and to tackling all of the aspects and facets of addiction once and for all and for good.  SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education) seeks to use education to help the family members and loved ones fight addiction.  The idea behind SAFE is that if more family members and loved ones of addicts really understand addiction very well then they will be more effective at helping their family member or a loved one with their addiction struggle.

Independence High

On their tour this Spring, Jared Blake and Live to Be were able to make a visit to Independence High.  At this performance, Jared performed his own music and lyrics for the students, and then he talked to them about drugs and alcohol. Jared spent some time talking about his own story, and then he went on to tell the kids that he was not there to tell them not to take drugs or not to drink alcohol. Rather, he was there to try to get them thinking with their futures, their goals, their ambitions, and their incentive to succeed in life.

This is the message of Live to Be and Jared Blake. This message seeks to empower people and give them hope and excitement for the future as opposed to just trying to scare them or force them not to take drugs or do alcohol.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Independence High is actually known within the community for being incredibly strict about drugs and alcohol.  They have a very strong no tolerance policy. The area that Independence High is situated in has been experiencing rises in substance abuse, but drugs have stayed out of the school.  With the help of Jared Blake and Live to Be, it is hoped that the entire community will now start to improve.

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