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Live To Be SAFE do Michigan Drug Prevention Tour


Drug and alcohol addiction has without a doubt definitely created a very serious and concerning problem in this country, one of which needs to be carefully addressed and handled sooner rather than later.  Substance abuse stands at currently being the single, number one most concerning health-related problem that this country currently faces.  The nation’s substance abuse crisis, as it currently stands, has never been as bad as it is now, and it will take a great amount of effort to successfully take this issue down a notch.  Now so more than perhaps ever before though, this needs to be a major focus and an intensive project for the entire country to participate in.

Jared Blake, country music singer, songwriter, and guitarist has taken it upon himself to do something about this problem and to do his best to effectively address it.  Jared Blake is himself in recovery, so he has made a personal effort into effectively addressing drug and alcohol addiction in this country.  Jared Blake spreads a message of living above the influence when he goes on tour and even when he writes his songs too.  Jared has also gone on tour overseas to play for U.S. military personnel in war zones and to deliver the same message.

Live to Be

Live to Be is the nonprofit organization that Jared Blake founded to help him spread the word of living above the influence across the country.  Live to Be embodies the mission that, though temptations are everywhere and though decisions are constantly changing, it is important to keep a clear head and a clear focus on where one is going with one’s life.  Live to Be focuses more on helping children, teens, adolescents, and young adults to figure out their goals and how they are going to pursue their goals, more so even than the organization talks about drugs and alcohol.

Live to Be was established to meet the growing needs of the youth of the nation to help them find a unique path for each and every one of them that is totally free from drugs and alcohol.  The appearances and shows that Live to Be puts on creates a fun, cool, and exciting event in schools where kids can be entertained and can learn some positive material at the same time.

In December of 2016, Jared Blake toured into Michigan with Live to Be to visit schools and rehabs centers both.  In this tour, Jared Blake went to multiple different locations to tell his story, to offer his advice, and of course to provide entertainment as well.  Since 2015, when Jared first started Live to Be, he has toured dozens of schools and spoken to over ten thousand school children every year.  To pull this all off, Jared has also had some help from SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education).

SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education)

SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide information and data to the family members and loved ones of struggling drug and alcohol addicts.  SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education) understands that almost half of the entire U.S. population knows someone who has an addiction.  SAFE also understands that, more times than not, an addict’s decision to go to rehab comes about in part by the help and encouragement that they get from family members.  With that in mind, SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education) realized that getting parents and loved ones of addicts informed and educated about drug and alcohol addiction was key in effectively addressing this problem.

With Jared Blake, Live to Be, and SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education), positive change can be made.

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