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Jared Blake and Live to Be

Live To Be working on drug and alcohol addiction

There is no doubt anymore that drug and alcohol addiction is now a serious problem and crisis issue in this country.  There is no doubt that substance abuse is a steadily growing and increasing issue in this nation, one of which only seems to be getting worse and worse as the years go by.  Drug and alcohol addiction has simply grown exponentially each and every year to create what is now being called the single most concerning substance abuse problem in this country.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a tough and a disturbing issue to say the least, and it is now something that can and should be worked on sooner rather than later.  It has been made very clear at this point just how serious this problem is, and now multiple single individuals and nonprofit groups alike have teamed up to address the rising tide of substance abuse.

One such team up has been that of country music singer and songwriter Jared Blake and the nonprofit organization Live to Be.  Jared Blake is a country western musician who really stepped on the map in 2011 when he competed on Season One of The Voice.  However, Jared had been making music professionally for a good six or seven years before that.  Since 2015, Jared has been working with the nonprofit organization Live to Be to bring their message into schools and to carry a message of living to be above the influence.  Now, Jared also works with both Live to Be and SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education).

Live to Be

Live to Be is a hardworking, nonprofit organization that works directly with Jared Blake to carry a message of abstinence and sobriety into American schools and into addiction treatment centers too.  Thanks to the combined efforts of Jared Blake and Live to Be with a mutual sponsorship from SAFE, Live to Be has been able to get Jared in front of about ten thousand American students each and every year in literally dozens of different schools.

Live to Be brings a very special, very unique message to the table that is not nearly as well-known as some might think.  For example, the main message and delivery of Live to Be is to approach their speeches from a more goals-oriented sector.  By this, it is meant that instead of trying to be authoritative and commanding, Live to Be and Jared Blake simply talk with kids about deciding what they want to do with their lives and what types of goals they want to set.  In this way, kids are given incentive and a passion for living their lives on their own terms.  With this approach, kids do not even consider drugs and alcohol as an option because they are too focused on their futures.  Finally, to ensure that kids do not start abusing drugs and alcohol, such organizations also go the extra mile by really branching out and helping kids also deal with peer pressure, doubt, fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, which can also lead to substance abuse.

SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education)

SAFE Prevention is a nonprofit organization that supports abstinence and freedom from drug and alcohol addiction.  SAFE also sponsors Live to Be and all of their efforts to spread awareness and better knowledge about drug and alcohol addiction.  Live to Be and SAFE work together with Jared Blake to travel the country and try to ensure that people stay clean and sober for life.

SAFE Prevention offers an online mega resource of data and information about drug and alcohol addiction for the benefit of the family members and loved ones of addicts.

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