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Going Beyond The Voice, Jared Blake Providing Solution To Drugs

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious crisis issue and problem in this nation.  At this point, there is no doubt about that.  Drug and alcohol addiction has just gradually become a bigger and bigger issue as the years have gone by.  Now, the problem has advanced to be, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a full on epidemic.  The issue has extended further and further into a level of being something that is seriously concerning and worrisome.  Without a doubt, major action needs to be taken sooner rather than later, before the issue gets any worse than it is now.

The silver lining to this sudden increase in drug and alcohol addiction has been that certain groups and certain individuals are now scrambling to address the problem.  Jared Blake has been one such individual, a successful country western musician, singer, song writer, and guitarist.  Jared Blake was introduced in 2011 on Season One of The Voice. He was introduced as a recovering addict, and from that moment forward Jared started trying to help people with addiction problems.  Here is a direct quote from an interview with Blake:

  • “The response on the show was overwhelming.  I had so many messages from people suffering, family issues, and questions about drugs or alcohol that I felt like I was responsible to help.”

Going beyond The Voice, at every show that Jared Blake plays at, he makes an effort to spread awareness about drug and alcohol addiction and the various substance abuse problems that are occurring in whatever area he is playing in. 

Live to Be

Live to Be is the nonprofit organization that Jared Blake created to get him started on touring the United States and visiting schools to perform and deliver his message to students.  Here is another direct quote from Blake where he talks about the mission of Live to Be and the results that they have been able to get from the program so far: 

  • “The good choices become a powerful and instinctive way of life once their path in life has been chosen. Kids have given us handwritten notes for help, pulled drugs out of their pocket and handed them to school officials, and sent messages via social media thanking us for the encouragement that resulted in them making a decision to go to college as a result of the Live to Be program.  We have also helped parents agree to get clean. Live to Be has touched over 10,000 students, and we have laughed and cried with family members on both sides.  We are changing lives one-by-one.”

Jared Blake and his team at Live to Be are very dedicated to helping youngsters who suffer with drug and alcohol addiction and the problems that go along with such problems and crisis issues.

SAFE Prevention

SAFE Prevention, or Stopping Addiction with Family Education is focused and direct nonprofit organization that is dedicated to help people who suffer and struggle with addiction problems of their own.  SAFE agreed to begin a sponsorship of Live to Be in 2016, and now the two organizations work together to help raise awareness of the problems that are drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in this country.  On its own, SAFE also operates one of the largest databases of information on drug and alcohol abuse and addiction so that the family members and loved ones of addicts can learn everything they need to know about addiction so they can help their afflicted loved ones.  With the combined efforts of these organizations, the future could look better for this country.

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