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Increasing Awareness on Substance Abuse – Jared Blake and Live To Be

Drug and alcohol addiction truly is one of the most concerning and most saddening problems that the United States faces today. This is an issue and harsh problem to say the least, one of which needs to be addressed and worked on sooner rather than later.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, there are currently about twenty-three million Americans who are addicted to drugs and alcohol in this country.  Realistically speaking, that is eleven percent of the entire adult population over the age of twelve. This shows that now more than ever drug and alcohol addiction truly is a full on epidemic, especially when there were only about twelve million addicts at the turn of the century.

In light of the sudden increases and worries that abound from drug and alcohol addiction, there are people who do try to do something about it.  Jared Blake is one of them.  Jared Blake has actually dedicated himself to addressing drug and alcohol addiction in this country through his musical performances and through his nonprofit organization, “Live to Be” as well.

Live to Be

Live to Be is an approach to addressing drug and alcohol addiction in this country that is not quite like any other treatment approach in this nation.  The truth of the matter is that Live to Be just takes a different approach.

Working directly with Jared Blake, Live to Be organizes dozens of Jared Blake concerts in American schools and addiction treatment centers all across the country annually.  Every year, Live to Be and Jared Blake are able to reach about ten thousand students.  The message is a very unique one too.  The ideology that Blake and Live to Be applies is that drug and alcohol addiction is best avoided not with strict lessons and lectures, but rather kids, teens, and adolescents will stay away from drugs and alcohol simply if they have a strong enough of a goal to work on and a plan for the future to dive into.  This not only takes away the incentive to abuse drugs and alcohol, but it also gets kids motivated and more industrious in school and at home too.

Live to Be takes a whole new approach to addressing drug and alcohol addiction.  Their approach is to simply get students thinking very seriously and very strongly about their futures and what should be done about those futures.

SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education)

SAFE Prevention is the nonprofit group that sponsors Live to Be.  SAFE Prevention is a strong and capable organization that has its mission in helping the family members and loved ones of addicts to actually learn about the addiction so that they can turn around and try to have a positive effect in their loved one’s life.

SAFE recognized that, with almost twenty-four million Americans addicted to drugs and alcohol, over one hundred million Americans have a family member or loved one who is an addict.  With this in mind, SAFE realized that they needed to educate those family members and loved ones so it would be clear what needed to be done to create and maintain freedom from addiction within their stricken loved one. Also, SAFE found out that the single biggest reason why addicts do get clean is because someone in the family toughed it out with them and finally convinced them to get help.

Obviously, the families of addicts are an untapped resource for getting something does with those who are addicted.  With SAFE, Live to Be, and Jared Blake all working together, the future of the nation in terms of substance abuse could get better.

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