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Jared Blake And Life To Be perform at Biketoberfest Music Festival At Ormond Beach, Florida. 

On October twelfth, 2016, Jared Blake, country musician, played at the Biketoberfest music festival at 1151 N US Highway 1 in Ormond Beach, Florida.  At this event, Jared did what he does best, which is sing country music and promote safe living and abstaining from drug and alcohol abuse. 

Jared Blake has been a musician since age five, and he has dedicated himself to his passion for music.  He has been signed on for multiple contracts with multiple different recording labels.  Jared writes all of his own songs, sings them, and plays the guitar too.  His music career started in 2006 when he was signed to Sony/ATV Music Publishing.  Jared worked with them until 2010, then went on his own for a while, and then came back on the scene in a big way in 2011 when he played on The Voice.  Later in 2011, Blake released his first single “Don’t Mind.”  Jared currently is managed by Cory Gierman, and Jared spends his days traveling the country, singing and playing music, and working with both Live to Be and SAFE, two non-profit organizations, to promote drug and alcohol abuse awareness and to promote abstinence from drugs and alcohol.


For the 2016 Anniversary of Biketoberfest, the Biketoberfest organization hosted Jared Blake, along with other well-known musicians.  Biketoberfest is a festival for all things biker from music to vendors to competitions to raffles to fine eats.  For a country music singer who loves motorcycles, this was the perfect event for Jared Blake to play at.  Biketoberfest has been going strong for twenty-five years, and is considered to be one of the biggest and most attended motorcycle event in the country.  A perfect place to sing his message and to tell his story, Jared Blake was thrilled to perform here and hopes to do so again.


Jared’s appearance at Biketoberfest was sponsored by SAFE (Stop Addiction with Family Education).  For some information about SAFE, SAFE is a nonprofit organization with the intention of creating an online community for family members of drug and alcohol addicts to learn about addiction, how to get help, what treatment can do, how addiction is caused, how to prevent addiction, and most importantly, how to help a loved one who has fallen prey to an addiction.  SAFE is all about families, and the site operates as a family resource and help site, as there are about one-hundred and fifty million Americans who have an addict for a family member.  SAFE found that, in most cases, it is the family members and loved ones of an addict that help that addict get into treatment, so SAFE’s goal and mission is to help as many families as possible to do just that.

Live to Be

Jared Blake’s performance at the 2016 Biketoberfest was also sponsored in part by the Live to Be program.  Live to Be is a nonprofit organization that works closely with Jared Blake to bring a “living above” message to schools all across the United States.  Jared, with the help and coordination of Live to Be, visits schools and delivers a presentation along with a Q and A with the students and, of course, some good old fashioned live country music jams.  Live to Be believes in the concept of letting students “Fill in the blank” as opposed to forcibly telling them what to do.  Live to Be’s message is to: “Provide discussion to help teens find their own desires and gain a positive focus and direction for the future.”

Biketoberfest was a total hit last year, and Jared Blake, Live to Be, and SAFE made it all the better. Here’s to another great year!

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