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Jared Blake And Live To Be At Lace, Grace, And Gears

Back and swinging into action after a motorcycle accident, Jared Blake wows us again by playing at the first annual “Lace, Grace, and Gears” rally.  Jared Blake was a season one contestant on The Voice, has worked with two major record labels, and has put out multiple singles and albums of his own, all while writing all of his own songs and music for himself and for others too.

The Lace, Grace, and Gears event was huge.  The idea was to put on a rally for all the female motorcyclists out there, of which there are over seven million.  Making an expert decision indeed, the Lace, Grace, and Gears event organizers chose Jared Blake to headline the entertainment for the event.  Jared Blake, charismatic and energetic to beat the band, performed astoundingly in spite of having just recovered from a motorcycle accident.  The Lace, Grace, and Gears event expected to get 5,000 attendees, and they set a record for the number of female riders in one location!

Jared Blake

Jared Blake was working on a lot more than just concerts in 2016 though.  His single “Stomp” was a huge hit, wowing fans on its debut appearance on The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda.  Jared Blake also spent a lot of time overseas visiting troops, playing shows for them, and showing them his undying support.  Jared also visits dozens of schools every year through his Live to Be tour sponsored by SAFE to spread his anti-drug and alcohol message to youngsters.

Jared Blake offers a unique lifestyle for a country music star.  He spends easily just as much time contributing in humanitarian activities and projects that he feels passionate about as he does working on his music career.  He has been signed by multiple record labels, competed on The Voice, and has worked with big star musicians, but young people of the nation are more likely to remember him as the country music legend who visited them at their school.

Live to Be

Live to Be is a nonprofit organization that works directly with Jared Blake in his efforts to spread an anti-drug and anti-alcohol message into American schools.  Live to Be works to spread their message all across the nation.  The goal and the message of Live to Be is to let children, teens, and young adults and adolescents to fill in the blanks for themselves.  Live to Be does not seek to tell kids what to do or to give them orders or to try to force them into anything.  Rather, Live to Be seeks to give kids good reasons not to abuse drugs and alcohol, and instead works to get kids thinking about their future and all that the future could hold for them if they went for it. 


SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education) is the proud sponsor of Live to Be and of Jared Blake’s awareness tour.  SAFE is also a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping people who have a family member or loved one who is addicted to drugs and alcohol.  SAFE knows that about half of the entire nation has someone close to them, related to them, or in some way connected to them who is addicted to drugs and alcohol.  SAFE recognizes that such individuals need help and support too, and most of all they need data about how to handle the grim and unpleasant aspect of addiction within their family.

The Lace, Grace, and Gears even was a huge success, and Jared Blake, SAFE, and Live to Be are hoping to go back next year!

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