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Jared Blake and Live To Be – Performing At Nashville Bike Week

Drug and alcohol addiction has really come on the map in recent years, getting itself labeled as a full on addiction epidemic in 2012 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Truly, there is no doubt at all at this point that drug and alcohol addiction is a very serious issue in this country, one of which needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Statistically speaking, the United States has never suffered with a drug and alcohol addiction issue that was as severe as this one before.  The only silver lining here is that the rise in drug and alcohol addiction has given rise to key individuals like Jared Blake to step up and decide to do something about this problem and issue.

Case in point, Jared Blake performed at Nashville Bike Week, held Friday 22 September 2017 7:00 PM to Friday 22 September 2017 9:00 PM.  At this event like all of Jared’s events, he also spoke about drug and alcohol addiction and how it is a problem that has been getting worse and worse as the years go by with no real signs or indications of it coming down or getting less any time soon. 

Live to Be

In 2015 Jared Blake co-started and partnered with Live to Be, a nonprofit organization that was dedicated to helping young adults, teens, and adolescents and even college students to live to be above the influence.  Since starting the organization, Live to Be and Jared Blake have traveled to dozens of schools across the country and delivered their message to about ten-thousand students annually for the last there years.

In these performances, Jared and Live to Be seek to make their message a unique one.  They do not strive to be at all forceful or authoritative or commanding in any way.  Rather, they attempt to really get through sot students and to get on the same level as them and to help them realize for themselves that they should stay away from drugs and alcohol. 

Actually, the main message of Live to Be is to get students thinking with the importance of deciding what they should do with their lives at an early age.  This more than anything else is immensely important.  Live to Be and Jared both believe that students will not do drugs and alcohol if they are on target for a bigger plan or a personal goal.  Jared believes that staying focused on his goals in his career have made all the difference in the stability his sobriety.  The idea and the goal here it to just get the future and the goals figured out and then to tackle life with a drug free and alcohol free mindset.

SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education)

Starting in 2016, SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education) began to sponsor Live to Be and Jared Blake’s efforts to get their message into as many schools as possible.  This was seen as a very worthwhile goal by SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education), as this is also an organization that works hard to try to effectively prevent drug and alcohol addiction.

The main goal and focus of SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education) is to provide the largest online educational resource source for the family members and loved ones for drug and alcohol addicts,  With such a resource, family members and loved ones of addicts are able to learn how to confront and handle the addiction problems that such persons face.

With Live to Be, Jared Blake, and SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education) all working together, American schools nationwide will soon receive a very positive, anti-substance abuse message.

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