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Jared Blake and Live To Be Performs For Bikers Against Bullies USA Rally In Missoula, Montana

There is no doubt at this point that drug and alcohol addiction has become a serious issue in this country, one of which has gotten so serious and extreme that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention even labelled the problem as being a full on epidemic.  In times like these certain individuals and groups are coming together to try to do something about the addiction problem as a unified group.  True enough, certain individuals are working on this problem in an effort to really get a good handle on it and to address it effectively.

Jared Blake is one such person who has gone the extra mile to really try to get rid of addiction.  Jared Blake is an American country western music singer and song writer and guitarist.  He has dedicated himself not only to his music career, but also to raise awareness about drug and alcohol addiction and to try to do something about the problem that is addiction.

For example, on September 5th 2016 Jared performed for the Bikers Against Bullies USA Rally in Missoula, Montana. Jared Blake was also supported by special guests Mabel’s Rage.  Blake earned recognition at the show and was greatly recognized and respected for his efforts with Live to Be and SAFE Prevention.

Here are just some of the activities that Jared Blake is involved in:

  • Blake visits and performs for our troops in war zone areas.
  • Blake visits schools with his anti-bullying, drugs and alcohol message on his “Live To Be” tour with too.
  • Blake continues of course to perform his annual “Bringing Families Together” campground concerts for all ages.
  • Blake rides with and supports Bikers Against Bullying USA.

Live to Be

Live to Be is a nonprofit organization that works with Jared Blake to raise awareness about the rising threat of drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general in his country. Live to Be goes on tour with Blake into American schools from elementary age to college age to deliver live music performances and to spread the word and the message of sobriety and abstinence from drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.  Live to Be takes a very unique stance in how they address their viewers. Rather than being authoritative or commanding, Jared Blake and his team at Live to Be rather focus on helping kids build their goals, dreams, and their aspirations up, and encourages them to figure out exactly what they want out of life and to go out and get it. Not only does this give the kids incentive and causes them to study harder and perform better in school, but it also drops out the incentive to abuse drugs and alcohol.  This hits two birds with one stone.  Last but not least, Live to Be and Jared Blake helps further by helping students to cope with fear, peer pressure, doubt, confusion, uncertainty, depression, stress, and all of the other emotions that can often cause youngsters to turn to drugs and alcohol.

SAFE Prevention

SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education) is an organization that sponsors Live to Be and Jared Blake’s tour across the nation.  The goal and the focus of SAFE Prevention is to provide information and education for the family members and loved ones of drug and alcohol addicts. This group really does work hard to help people find their freedom and their abstinence from drug and alcohol addiction once and for all and for good.

SAFE Prevention and Live to Be and Jared Blake are accomplishing great things in their efforts to help people, and will continue to work on these projects for years to come.

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