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Jared Blake Inspires Addicts in Rehab with Power Story of Recovery

Jared Blake, country music artist from season 1 of NBC’s “The Voice,” is inspiring more than just the listeners of his music; he has also been working to inspire addicts in rehab. With his powerful story of recovery, Jared Blake has been using his platform to spread the message about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

When he was a member of Blake Shelton’s team on “The Voice” in 2011, the message came out to the public that Jared had a drug problem. Years before his time as a rising star, his substance abuse almost cost him his music career, but he entered a rehabilitation facility. Now sober, Jared has been privately performing in treatment centers to help those suffering from addiction in their recovery process.

Jared says that he feels lectures, speeches, and simply talking to a crowd about substance addiction does not work for an effective addiction recovery. “Ever since I got out of rehab, I made it a habit to go into other rehabs to talk to patients about my experience. Sometimes you get tired of hearing your counselor. I come in and play songs to kind of throw you off guard a little bit; to open you up to thinking about things and not looking at me as I’m someone here to lecture you or give you a speech,” says Jared.

Rehab Experiences

Instead of hiding his past issues with substance abuse, Jared speaks about his experiences in treatment centers to show addicts that recovery is possible. Once the announcement was made on the show, Jared noticed that people started reaching out to him on social media asking for advice for their own personal experiences with substance abuse. This made him realize that he wasn’t the only person going through this and that other people could really benefit from hearing his story. Jared referred these people to different professionals that could help them, but he knew that he could do more.jared blake school

“As addicts, we find our spirituality in strange ways,” said Jared. Recently, he played his song called, “Orange Keychain,” at a rehabilitation facility because he says the song represents the different paths that people can choose to take to reach their goals.

Jared uses a “living above” approach to life as he explains to addicts how they can choose their own goals to set for themselves. According to his website, “temptations are everywhere and decisions are constantly creating each person’s unique path in life. The veins of those decisions can make a person feel lost, doubtful, hopeless, or create confusion, which is the influenced by what their peers’ mist way. In the attempt to ‘live above,’ they will keep better focus on the end goals they create for themselves.”

Jared says that nobody wants to be told what to do, and many addicts are lectured about what they should and should not do. Jared saw that this method was not working, so he decided to give addicts empowerment by letting them decide what to do for themselves. By having them keep an end goal in mind, Jared inspires and motivates addicts to change their own lives.

Hope in Recovery

When people share their own recovery stories, addicts can see that there is hope for them. This method helps individuals stay on the right path and bring themselves out of their addiction. With Jared Blake’s cool, hip, and fun attitude, addicts are no longer being told what to do, they are being empowered to do it themselves.

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