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Jared Blake And Live To Be At The Harley Rendezvous

This was a great event!  Saturday, June 24th, 2017, 7:00 PM, Jared Blake, at the Harley Rendezvous.  What a good show at the Indian Lookout Country Club, 1142 Batter St., Pattersonville, NY.  Jared Blake never ceases to entertain in his country western music shows that are not only entertaining and fun, but which also touch on a more humanitarian, philanthropic aspect too.

Jared Blake has dedicated himself the last three years to confronting the issue that is drug and alcohol addiction and all of the problems and crisis factors that go into it.  Jared Blake started to see just how bad drug and alcohol addiction was years ago, and since then has made it a mission of his to address these problems and to effectively do something about them.  His dedication to helping the nation’s youth stay away from drugs and alcohol has earned him recognition nationwide and his efforts to improve society have made him a figure for drug and alcohol addiction prevention.

Jared Blake is in recovery himself, so this is a subject for him that hits very close to home.  He will actually tell his story at his shows.  He will also talk about abstinence and about how people can find ways to say clean and sober from an addiction struggle and problem.

Live to Be

In 2015, Jared started the Live to Be program.  This program sought to help people who had fallen on hard times with drug and alcohol addiction and who needed assistance in addressing their addiction and crisis issues, and on teaching kids to stay away from drugs and alcohol.  Live to Be has helped Jared get into American schools all across the country, perform live music, and give talks and host discussions about the difficulties of drug and alcohol addiction and all that goes into these types of problems.

Live to Be takes a very unique stance on addressing drug and alcohol addiction and their efforts to prevent this from occurring.  Rather than just lecturing, being commanding, or telling kids not to do drugs and alcohol, Live to Be and Jared Blake go about it from an entirely different angle. They instead tackle addiction from the perspective of making things go right in working on freeing people from drug and alcohol addiction once and for all and for good.

Live to Be helps youngsters by teaching them about drug and alcohol addiction and how people can go about staying off of drugs and alcohol.  Live to Be gets kids focused on their goals, their future career ideas, and what they want to do with their lives. What Live to Be realized was that when kids were really focused on their future careers and what they wanted to do with their lives, they would work hard in that direction and would not waste time abusing drugs and alcohol.

SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education)

SAFE is a nonprofit group that sponsors Jared Blake’s and Live to Be’s efforts in schools all across the nation.  This group offers their own approach to addressing drug and alcohol abuse and addiction once and for all and for good.  The SAFE program operates an online mega cache of valuable data and information about drug and alcohol addiction, intended to be used to educate the parents and spouses and other family members and loved ones of addicts everywhere.  The intention here is that with an education on drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, the family members and loved ones of addicts will be more effective in helping their loved ones get into treatment.  With the combined efforts of SAFE, Live to Be, and of Jared Blake’s corroboration with both, the future could and will actually look a lot better for American teens, adolescents, kids, and young adults. 

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