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Jared Blake – Live To Be – SAFE

Jared Blake works closely with Live to Be, SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education) to spread the message of anti-drug and alcohol abuse.  Jared Blake, country music singer and songwriter and The Voice season one contestant, travels the country giving talks and free live performances in American schools.

Jared Blake works closely with the students at these schools to talk to them, to work with them, to help them, and to provide them with the peace of mind and solidarity that they need to get through any tough or difficult time. 

Live to Be

Live to Be (or LTB) is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping young adults, teens, adolescents, and children.  The organization tours the country with Jared Blake and visits schools, giving presentations, performs keynotes, does Q and A’s, and last but not least, delivers excellent, live, country music for the students’ enjoyment.  Live to Be takes its message and delivers it to dozens of schools each and every year, year in and year out.

The goal and the idea behind Live to Be is not to order or command or to be in any way authoritative with kids.  Rather, the organization seeks to take a far more kind and proactive stance.  Live to Be helps kids to just fill in the blanks for themselves and to decide for themselves exactly what they want to get out of life, and to then just go and get that thing.  Live to Be also further helps students by not only helping them to orient their goals and their passions for the future, but to also be there for students when times are hard, and to provide help for fear, confusion, grief, peer pressure, doubt, low self-esteem, etc.

SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education)

SAFE is a nonprofit organization with the intention of helping the family members and loved ones of drug and alcohol addicts.  SAFE works to create a stable and truly helpful recovery for people, and the whole focus and intention of this group is to educate family members of addicts.  SAFE is an online resource so parents and family members can learn about addiction, treatment, how to find help for an addict, and about how to convince an addict to go to treatment.  The whole goal here is to put together a huge encyclopedia of information and valuable content comprised of preventing and stopping addiction. 

SAFE operates off of the principle that, nine times out of ten, it is a family member or loved one who helps someone get off of drugs and alcohol through treatment, once and for all and for good.  SAFE thusly seeks to help educate parents and loved ones of addicts so such individuals will know how to help their addicted loved ones.  SAFE will give information on every single aspect and facet of addiction, from signs and symptoms of substance abuse, to what to do when you find out a loved one has an addiction, to understanding enablement, and more.  SAFE knows that more often than not it is the family members and loved ones of addicts that actually are able to get addicts off of drugs and alcohol, so this organization is essentially trying to help such individuals to do just that.

Jared Blake, Live to Be, and SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education) are all working together to really go the distance in helping people to beat addiction to drugs and alcohol.  The motives and intentions of these groups are profoundly good, and they really do seek to help as many people as possible when it comes to substance abuse in general.

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