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Jared Blake And Live To Be Tour – Nashville Bike Week

There is no doubt now that drug and alcohol addiction is a serious issue in this country that just seems to be getting worse and worse as the years go by, creating a very concerning problem that seems to get worse and worse.  Now, there are twenty-three million Americans who are addicted to drugs and alcohol and all of the problems and crisis issues that go along with it.  With twenty-three million Americans struggling with an addiction of this kind, that means that over one hundred million Americans suffer from having a family member or loved one who is addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Jared Blake, successful country music singer, songwriter, and guitarist is also over fifteen years sober.  Jared, who got his debut on Season One of The Voice, spends a lot of time working on philanthropic and humanitarian efforts to get people to stop abusing drugs and alcohol, and to ensure that kids, teens, adolescents, and young adults don’t abuse drugs and alcohol in the future.

Jared incorporates his message against drugs and alcohol in all of his performances in his music career, not only through his speeches, but in his very song lyrics too.  For example, Friday September 22nd 2017 at 7:00p.m. saw Jared Blake headline the Nashville Bike Week hosted at 8000 Highway 13 S., Hurricane Mills, TN.  At this event, Blake talked about drug and alcohol addiction, the effect that substance abuse had on his life, and his desire to see people all across the country freed from the trial of addiction.

Live to Be

Live to Be is the nonprofit organization that Jared Blake started in his effort to raise awareness about drug and alcohol addiction. Live to Be is a completely nonprofit organization that tours the United States with Blake.  As a part of this project, Jared Blake gets help from Live to Be to play live performances in schools all across the United States, and to give speeches and workshops at these schools and colleges as well.

In these events, Jared and Live to Be do not take the stance most commonly associated with people who are trying to do something about drug and alcohol abuse and addiction once and for all and for good.  Instead, Jared focuses more on helping kids to find their path and to find their goals and ideas of what they want to get out of the future. The idea is to live to be in the future and to live to be above the influence of drugs and alcohol.  Jared has found that when kids are actually working on their futures and their goals then they are far less likely abuse drugs and alcohol.  This has become the main focus of Blake’s presentation, to get kids to live to be passionate and intense about beating drug and alcohol abuse and addiction from the perspective of triumphing over an addiction struggle once and for all.

SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education)

SAFE is a dedicated and intensive nonprofit organization that seeks to provide information and guidance about drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, signs of addiction, ways to beat addiction, how to get someone willing to go to rehab, how to talk to someone who has an addiction, etc. SAFE also sponsors the efforts of Live to Be and Jared Blake in their three year-long cross-country tour.  Thanks in part to the efforts of SAFE, Live to Be and Jared Blake have been able to tour hundreds of schools and speak to tens of thousands of students over the last three years.

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