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Life to Be Feb 9th 2017

Drug and alcohol addiction has struck down as being a truly terrible and very concerning problem in this country to say the least.  Drug and alcohol addiction has become a serious, serious issue in the 21st century. Now, drug and alcohol addiction has taken on a whole new level of severity and worry, bringing with it intensive problems and crisis issues that are all one and the same very worrisome and concerning.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2012 labeled drug and alcohol addiction in the United States to be a full on epidemic.  Prior to 2012, the issue with drugs and alcohol in this country had been on the level of a crisis.  Given that change in 2012 though, it became apparent that this problem was a lot more serious than it used to be.

The silver lining to all of this is that the serious epidemic of drug and alcohol addiction that has manifested since the turn of the century has also acted as a veritable call to arms for people who feel strongly about effectively addressing drug and alcohol addiction.  One such individual who has spent the last three years of his life dedicating himself to addressing drug and alcohol addiction is the country music singer, songwriter, and guitarist Jared Blake. 

Drug and alcohol addiction strikes very close to home for Jared Blake, as he is in recovery himself.  Jared Blake played a phenomenal show on February 9th 2017 on Thursday at 6:30 p.m.  This was for the Whisky A Go-Go event, and was performed at 8901 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, California, 90069. At this event, like at all of Jared Blake’s events, Jared also spoke about the drug and alcohol addiction epidemic that has stricken this country, and he shared his story and urged people to stay away from substance abuse.

Live to Be

In 2015, Jared Blake took his desire to do something about drug and alcohol addiction to another level by starting the nonprofit group Live to Be.  Live to Be is a group that simply desires to help people make the decision to live to be above the influence. 

The main goal and mission of the Live to Be group is to actually get Jared Blake’s message into American schools.  To do so, Live to Be and Jared Blake travel across the country, visiting dozens of schools and performing for about ten thousand students annually.  In these performances, Jared opens with music, then delivers speeches and participates in discussions about drugs and alcohol. 

Jared’s and Live to Be’s approach to raising awareness about drug and alcohol addiction is very different and unique.  Their whole approach basically comes down to encouraging students to create their goals and to decide what to do with their lives at as young of an age as possible.  When this is done and when youngsters make their goals and start working towards them at a younger age, they are statistically speaking a lot less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol.

SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education)

SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education) is another nonprofit organization that basically works to prevent drug and alcohol abuse and that works to deliver education about drugs and alcohol to the family members and loved ones of drug and alcohol addicts.  SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education) seeks to do their part to address addiction by teaching the family members and loved ones of addicts about addiction so such individuals can be more capable of actually doing something about the addiction problem in their loved one.

SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education) also supports and sponsors Live to Be and Jared Blake in their efforts to address drug and alcohol addiction. 

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