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Live To Be concert – Jared Blake at O’Connors

Jared is more than just a country music singer who plays at great venues like O’Connors though. He is also a dedicated philanthropist. First of all, Jared began speaking at schools all across the United States. He did this with his “Live To Be” outreach campaign for kids, teens, adolescents, young adults, and students of all ages. Jared Blake has consistently been able to reach over 10,000 students each year, and he continues to work on the campaign tirelessly to reach more. Jared Blake works with and reaches students anywhere from elementary age to college-age kids. Jared and his Live to Be approach works hard to encourage young people to create goals early in life, (as early as possible actually) and to constantly work to achieve them. Jared uses a very unique approach to talking to kids too, which is greatly appreciated and popular amongst kids.

Jared Blake’s positive-only, not commanding, not authoritative, and not at all grim or foreboding anti-drug and alcohol campaign has gained its own recognition in many U.S. states and has thusly joined efforts with many national charities in the United States of America too, all to raise awareness about drug and alcohol addiction. For example for one such organization, Jared Blake works very closely with his efforts are teamed with SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education) (an organization that seeks to supply family education about drug and alcohol addiction for the family members and loved ones of such addicts).

Live to Be

Live to Be is the organization that Jared Blake himself pioneered to get his anti-drug message into American schools. Live to Be was established to help young people find their unique path. Live to Be seeks to do this, all while also teaching kids to pursue their goals while also abstaining from drugs and alcohol. Live to Be offers a school to school touring program that directly affects both children and their parents too. Jared Blake makes appearances at dozens of schools annually, does his public speaking, answers questions, engages the audience, and puts on a live concert to promote a great environment for teaching and sharing.

Live to Be does not seek to be in any way forceful or authoritative. There is no doubt that those approaches do not always work. Rather, Live to Be offers a collaborative effort done with youngsters to simply help them find their path, and to encourage them to live above the influence.

SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education)

SAFE is a not profit organization with the intention of helping the family members and loved ones of addicts by educating them about the dangers and the concerns that abound drug and alcohol abuse. SAFE focuses on utilizing an effective method for teaching the family members and loved ones about how to help someone who is addicted, and how to convince an addict to seek help for an addiction.

These organizations are doing wonders all across the country. If you have an interest in learning more about Jared, his music tour, various philanthropy efforts, or if you want to get involved with what he is doing, then check out his website at   If you want to learn more about drug and alcohol addiction, visit If you want to be a part of the Live to Be program, visit

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