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Jared Blake


Live to Be __. is a “blank line” concept that empowers today’s youth to “fill in the blank” with their own goal for life. The program provides discussions to help teens dig deep within their own desires to gain a positive focus on life, while fighting doubt, confusion, hopelessness, and peer pressure. Live to Be___. was established with the goal to help our youth discover their unique path, free from the use of drugs or alcohol and was created by American Country Musician and The Voice contestant, Jared Blake

Live to Be __. partnered with S.A.F.E. (Stop Addiction through Family Education) in 2017 to bring the program to over 100 schools.  SAFE created an online place for family members to learn about addictions, treatment, and preventative information.  The site offers educational material for family and educator discussions.  The family-oriented site covers every aspect of what to do if a loved one is suspected or known to need help.

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