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Music Celebrity Shares Addiction Struggle with Teens Across the Country

The most effective way to teach people the dangers of addiction is to educate them about drugs and alcohol when they are young. This is exactly what season 1 of The Voice star, Jared Blake, realizes. Jared Blake has had a few incidents with drugs and alcohol in his lifetime, and he is using those experiences to educate young people about staying on the right path.

Jared Blake’s Story

A drunk driver crashed into Jared and his wife going 60 miles per hour. Even though both of them made it out alive, their world was turned upside down forever. “We were on an interstate change near downtown, on a curve, and by the time we saw headlights it was too late. We were on a bridge lucky no flips happened, but that also meant we hit almost straight on. It was terrifying and I still feel like this was all a dream. I only remember a horrible burning smell and burning throats and screaming to get out of the vehicle. Jared somehow got out and bent my door open to lay me on the ground. I couldn’t move but just stared at the stars knowing my eyes were open and I could hear so I was alive,” said Jared’s wife.jared blake school

In addition to this incident, it was announced on The Voice that Jared had a drug problem in the past. Many of his fans began to reach out to him on social media asking him for advice and sharing personal stories about addiction. He began to refer these people to different rehabilitation facilities to help them and get them on the path to sobriety. Jared realized that there were so many people who were struggling with addiction or had family members who were, so he felt that he needed to do something about it.

Jared took these two experiences with drugs and alcohol and started working to solve the problem right at the source: with young people. Having six kids of his own, Jared realized the importance of addiction education from a young age. He realized that he could help and educate individuals on drugs and alcohol before they could ruin their lives and that this was the best form of addiction prevention.

Live To Be and Addiction Education

Jared Blake created the “Live To Be” youth program, where he travels to different schools across the country to share his experiences with drugs and alcohol while helping to set them up on the right path. Their education partner, S.A.F.E. (Stopping Addiction with Family Education), also helps him to promote his ideas. He uses a “living above” approach, meaning that the children should set an end goal for themselves while being empowered to reach it. Jared explains that drugs and alcohol can interfere with reaching that goal by causing them to deviate off of their path to success, so by staying substance free, they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

Students get tired of hearing the same messages over and over again, but Jared’s hip, fun, and cool attitude reach kids in a way that a lecture never would. He encourages the students to ask themselves, “Am I doing what’s best? Am I being the person I want to be?” and affirm themselves by saying, “I know that I have the power.” Once he gets the students that THEY have the power to make their own choices, he explains how they need to use that power to make good choices. He shares his own personal experiences to teach young people how drugs and alcohol can deviate them from their end goal.

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