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North Central Learning Center — Live To Be – March 14 2017

Substance abuse has become a huge problem, not just on a nationwide basis, but particularly in our schools too.  Drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and substance abuse in general is now a huge issue in our schools and amongst the youth of the nation.  This is more of an issue now than perhaps ever before.  Studies show that:

  • Young adults are several times more likely to die from drug and alcohol abuse than older adults are.
  • Young adults are beginning to abuse harder and harder drugs, as opposed to the young adults of the 80s and 90s that generally speaking stuck with marijuana until they got older.
  • Now, the number one gateway drug for young adults is no longer marijuana, rather it is prescription pill drugs.
  • Young adults die at a rate of about one out of every six young adults who abuse drugs and alcohol. It’s one out of eleven for older adults.
  • Young adults are now abusing drugs at much earlier ages than they used to.  For example, in the 1990s the average first age of substance abuse for a young adult was about 22.  Now, in the 21st century, the average first age of substance abuse for a young adult is actually 16.  This shows that drug and alcohol addiction is happening at much earlier ages and, if this continues then the future will be grim for young adults everywhere.

Live to Be and SAFE Prevention

Live to Be, accompanied by country western singer and songwriter Jared Blake and sponsored by SAFE Prevention, visited the North Central Learning Center to perform live music and to talk about drugs and alcohol with the students there. This was a part of Live to Be’s cross-country tour to visit dozens of schools and to deliver their message to over ten thousand students in one year.  Jared Blake and Live to Be have been going on tours and working on this project since 2015, and they teamed up with SAFE (Stopping Addiction with Family Education) last year.

The key to addressing drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general amongst teens is with prevention and education.  Jared delvers his message and his story to try to encourage teens to stay away from drugs and alcohol.  Jared, rather than being authoritative or commanding with kids about how they should live their life, is instead compassionate and understanding and simply asks kids to start working on their goals to find out what they want to do as early on as possible, and to start working in that direction as soon as is possible.  Jared believes that when kids have goals that they are actively working towards, it is less likely that they will be tempted by drugs and alcohol.

North Central Learning Center

The North Central Learning Center is an excellent place for growth and for education for kids, and the location offers additional tutoring segments and special classes.  The North Central Learning Center also offers furthering education courses too, to better prepare students for college.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Just Outside the North Central Learning Center 

While drugs might not get into the North Central Learning Center that does not mean that they are not readily available nearby.  The sad truth is these substances are very available and easy to get for really anyone who wants to take part in them.  This is one of the reasons why Jared and his Live to Be team visited this center, to give kids the tools and resources that they need and the incentive that they need to say no to drugs and alcohol once and for all and for good.

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