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The Voice Star Spreading Important Message About Dangers of Drinking and Driving

Jared Blake, country music artist from the first season of The Voice on NBC, is using his platform to spread the important message about the dangers of drinking and driving. Kids can hear the message, “don’t drink and drive” over and over again, but it takes a humanized and relatable message to get them to adhere to it. Jared’s cool and fun personal brand persuades kids to follow his alcohol and drug-free lifestyle, and he believes that educating kids early on addiction is the best form of addiction prevention.

Live To Be

“Discover your unique path, free from drugs and alcohol” is the slogan Jared uses in his youth program called Live To Be, which he formed after he survived a head-on collision with a drunk driver. He combines a “living above” approach and the S.A.F.E. (Stopping Addiction with Family Education) to spread the message to children all across the country that they can set the path for their own lives. School officials all across America have the opportunity to bring Jared to their school to speak to their students about how drinking and driving can flip lives upside down.

jared blake school

The story started on May 9th in Nashville, Tennessee, when a drunk driver crashed into Jared and his wife going 60 miles per hour. Even though everyone lived, Jared’s wife Jennifer suffered from a fractured spine and other injuries.

“We were on an interstate change near downtown, on a curve, and by the time we saw headlights it was too late. We were on a bridge lucky no flips happened, but that also meant we hit almost straight on. It was terrifying and I still feel like this was all a dream. I only remember a horrible burning smell and burning throats and screaming to get out of the vehicle. Jared somehow got out and bent my door open to lay me on the ground. I couldn’t move but just stared at the stars knowing my eyes were open and I could hear so I was alive,” said Jennifer.

“Our seatbelt and airbags saved us! Please use them, always! … If you want to do something, do it. Life is too short to worry about anything at all. Most of you know me well enough to know that I’m pretty good at living that way and can’t wait to get back to living.”

Not only has Jared Blake been the victim in an incident with drugs and alcohol, but he has also been on the flipside when he was addicted to drugs. He announced on The Voice that he was a recovering addict, and he used his platform and social media to help other people struggling with the same problems. Jared realized that the best way to prevent addiction from happening is to educate America’s youth early before they could form an addiction, so he started his Live To Be youth program.

Ending Addiction with SAFE and Live To Be

As a father of six children, Jared knows the importance of educating children from a young age. Blake’s Live To Be youth program spreads the powerful message that you don’t have to give into negative temptations and peer pressure; you can be your own person and follow your own path to success. The kids are encouraged to form an “end goal” that results in success, happiness, and accomplishments — and then are shown how drugs and alcohol can inhibit them from reaching that goal. Preventing addiction can be fun with the help of The Voice star Jared Blake!

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