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Types of Barbiturates and Their Effects

There is no doubt at all at this point that drug and alcohol addiction is becoming a very serious and concerning factor in society today. Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction continues to create difficulties and all kinds of problems left and right, putting us in a very precarious position as a nation as a whole. Drug and alcohol addiction has risen and become gradually more and more frustrating and concerning as the years have gone by. It is now the single most concerning factor in this category of the health of the American people.

What has happened in more recent years is the simple, pervasive factor of drug substances themselves. Nowadays, drugs are simply a lot more readily available to Americans than they have ever been before, and are simply a lot easier to get a hold of than they ever used to be. What the United States is now experiencing is a country where drugs are a lot more commonly accepted in society as well.

The problem does not stop there either but rather gets much, much worse. Another key issue that has contributed to the rising trend of drug and alcohol addiction has been the sheer variety of different types of drugs and alcohol that people can and do become addicted to. Simply stated, drugs and alcohol are a lot more common and prevalent than they ever used to be, and the variety of such substances has also increased. Prior to the turn of the century, there were perhaps only a few different drug and alcohol substances to pick and choose from, whereas nowadays, there are in fact dozens if not hundreds.

One such drug substance that has become very powerful for day to day use and abuse has been that of barbiturates. Barbiturates are a class of pharmaceutical drugs that were made with the intention of helping people, but which now seem to cause more damage than good.  Barbiturates, simply defined, are a whole class of pharmaceutical depressants. These drugs have a strong effect on the central nervous system of a person, creating a unique sensation in this area. These drugs are supposed to help people by being a powerful sedative for them, but they are often abused for their euphoric feelings.

As for methods of administration, when people take barbiturates they either ingest them orally in their pill form, or they inject them. Either way though, when the drug is abused, it tends to have a very powerful, euphoric, drowsy, relaxing effect on people. Unfortunately, the drugs are also very addictive and can be overdosed on.


Barbiturates are harmful and dangerous more often than not. And what are barbiturates? Barbiturate drugs are things like:

  • Allonal
  • Amytal Sodium
  • Brevital
  • Butabarb
  • Butalan
  • Buticaps
  • Butisol Sodium
  • Luminal
  • Mebaral
  • Mephyltaletten
  • Nembutal
  • Nembutal Sodium
  • Oramon
  • Pentothal
  • Phemiton
  • Prominal
  • Sarisol
  • Seconal
  • Somnifaine
  • Surital

These drugs have different, varying ingredients and different dosages and strengths of depressing power within them, but they are all basically the same drug, just slightly altered here and there.

What to Do About an Addiction to Barbiturates

When someone is addicted to barbiturates, they will obviously need to get help as soon as is possible. This is a very dangerous type of addiction to just let run rampant. The key is to go to an addiction treatment center and to get help in that way when one is addicted to barbiturates. With such help at a qualified rehab program, anyone who is addicted to these dangerous drugs can finally go free from that addiction and for life too. If you or a loved one has an addiction, call us at Safe Prevention to seek treatment.

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