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Why Communities Benefit from Hearing First-Hand Stories from Recovering Addicts

When you hear somebody talk about their experiences from their own past, it can give you insight into decision making in your own life. This is why hearing first-hand stories from recovering addicts can be the most effective form of addiction prevention for others. Communities can benefit from hearing these stories in a few main ways.


Listening to somebody speak about addiction is the best way to become educated on the issue, helping to prevent addiction. Learning about the causes of addiction, substances that one can become addicted to, what groups are most likely to become addicted, how current addicts can get help, and what the common myths about addiction are can help communities become more aware of the problem that their citizens could potentially be facing in the future. Since being educated is the first step to understanding, listening to people who have battled addiction is extremely important for stigmas to be resolved. Communities need to understand the most effective ways to educate their children so that they do not fall into its cycle.


By listening to somebody share their experiences with addiction first-hand, community members will receive hope, if they are dealing with addiction or not. People always receive some sort of motivation from hearing a speaker share their stories of overcoming difficulty in their lives, and they allow people to realize that they can overcome the obstacles that they’re facing as well. Not only can current addicts receive hope as a result of the speaker’s testimony, but their friends, families, spouses, or other loved ones can too. They may realize that they’re addicted loved one can achieve sobriety if everyone in the picture is doing the right things.

Sense of Community

jared blake schoolA sense of community is formed when everybody hears the same story. Everybody now has a similar connection and something to discuss with one another, and they may have a better foundation to help other people with their problems. Hearing a recovering addict talk about their experiences with addiction can result in a group of people helping each other out, becoming aware of the possible signs of addiction, and realizing what to do if someone does have a problem with drugs or alcohol.


Hearing stories from recovering addicts can help communities to feel encouraged; either to help themselves or to help their loved ones. Many people battling addiction may wait until they hit “rock bottom” before getting help, but this is the most dangerous thing to do. It’s important for those struggling with addiction to get help as soon as they possibly can so that their chances of achieving long-term sobriety are higher. If people are struggling with addiction privately, these speakers can give them encouragement to get help. The addict sharing their personal testimony may result in community members taking action to help themselves or the people around them.

NBC’s “The Voice” star, Jared Blake, received endless support when it was announced that he suffered from addiction in his past. This gave him an idea; Jared then started a campaign called “Live To Be,” where he travels across the United States to share his experiences as an addict with young students so that they do not fall into the cycle of addiction. Jared realized that by sharing his experiences, it could be the best form of addiction prevention for young people. This is just one of the many examples of how hearing first-hand addiction stories can benefit a community!

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